Italy and Croatia

M/S Monet - Two weeks Venice to Venice

Price starts from $4,725
Join us as the MS Monet takes this 15-day round trip Cruise departing Venice, Italy and travels to Croatia and Montenegro. First spend time in Italy as we visit Ravenna, Rimini, Pesaro, and Ancona, with excursions to Urbino, Assisi and Perugia. The Ship will continue to the Islands of Croatia, where you will marvel at the beautiful coastal views and rich country sides. You will have the opportunity to take in the memorable architecture and ancient ruins of Croatia, before returning to Italy for a day in Trieste.

M/S Monet - from Venice to Venice

Price starts from $2,425
We welcome you on the MS Monet. This Voyage will take you round trip from Venice Italy, through the beautiful islands of Croatia. On this eight days, seven-night cruise, you will venture into some of the most beautiful cities in Croatia, with breathtaking coastal views and mesmerizing architecture. Experience art, culture and heritage on this one of a kind journey.

M/S Monet - from Dubrovnik to Venice

Price starts from $2,425
Welcome to Croatia and the mesmerizing city of Dubrovnik! This will be the start of you journey to Venice through the beautiful islands of Croatia. The ship will also travel to Montenegro for a day of exploring its distinctive Medieval Architecture and Historic Monuments. You can look forward to dazzling coastal views and feel inspired by beautiful art and Roman Ruins as the ship makes its way to Italy.

M/S Monet - from Venice to Dubrovnik

Price starts from $2,425
Venice, one of the most Beautiful cities in Italy, will be the start of this Unique Voyage through the Islands of Croatia. With walking tours through Historic cities and views to some of the world’s most scenic coastlines, this Cruise will surpass all your expectations. This venture will end in Dubrovnik but not before you get to explore this amazing city and enjoy your farewell Dinner.
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