Hospitable People, Relaxed Lifestyle and Time-honored Traditions
A world of warmth, hospitality, comfort and style abound. A world rooted in timeless values, like family and friendship, exploration and discovery, and a passion for good food. This is the Mediterranean way of life.
The Mediterranean region is one of the healthiest, happiest, cleanest and nicest places to live in the world. The people have a reputation for enjoying life and not taking things too seriously. Centuries of time-honored and relished traditions passed down through the generations have contributed to the long, healthy and happy lives of people who live in the region. The traditional Mediterranean lifestyle emphasizes the importance of family as well as eating and sharing meals together; it’s the foundation of the culture. In fact, the ancient Greeks did not like to have their meals alone and a dinner without the company of those dear to you was considered disappointing.

That must be a partial reason that longevity prevails amongst the natives of the Mediterranean, for example people on the island of Ithaca live over 100! We still need to factor in some more lifestyle traits that account for this “healthier population”, such as a slower pace of life resulting in less stress, family as a strong support group, local grown products, more home cooked meals, and most importantly less processed food, less saturated fats and less processed sugars.
During your visit be sure to eat at traditional restaurants and taverns to really experience the local’s fine cuisine and true nature of her people. Be sure to listen to your body and how you feel after each meal. Walking away feeling full but light is always the best way to go! Bloating and sluggishness might mean something doesn’t agree with you. When it comes to nutrition and what we are putting into our bodies, we would like to suggest taking an allergy test so you are more aware with what is a healthier choice for you. Be sure to keep it as natural as possible, cooking methods are important to a healthier meal and don’t forget all in moderation.

The Mediterranean diet, which has been associated with health and longevity, is not just about the food, but rather an expression of culture, history and lifestyle. The “eat and run” concept is unheard of in the Mediterranean. Stores close in the middle of the hot day, and people return home for a long lunch with their family. They may enjoy a glass of red wine with their lunch and then slow down for an afternoon siesta. In the warmer months, the nap may even be followed by a swim in the sea to get the blood flowing before returning back to work for a couple more hours.

Taking a run on the beach in the morning, strolling around town, or walking briskly in the evening is typical. People in the Mediterranean also use their bicycles to get around. With mild winters and the long hot summers, the outdoor lifestyle is a lot easier too.
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