Our Team

Mr. Tomislav Debeljak - Chairman of the Board, DIV Group, Ltd. & DIV Cruises, Inc.

Mr. Debeljak took over from his father as chief executive of DIV Group, Croatia’s biggest private manufacturing enterprise. Passionate about his work and an eternal optimist, Debeljak expanded his business into one of Europe’s leading makers of fasteners, then into railway rolling stock components. After Croatia joined European Union (EU) in 2013, Brodosplit shipyard was privatized and acquired by the DIV Group. The new management optimized the yard's design, procurement and production processes and brought in new, highly skilled engineers.
Moving from bulk carriers and tankers to building advanced high-tech vessels such as naval ships, superyachts, sailing vessels and LNG-fueled container ships was the right choice for Brodosplit.

In his personal life, Tomislav and his wife Danijela are raising their eight children. A high priority in his passion for his albeit high-intensity business endeavors; is that he is home every weekend. This priority is achieved despite where he has traveled in the world during the week. He is an avid watersport enthusiast. His love of the open waters of the Adriatic Sea and coasts of Croatia and Italy has drawn him to a personal endeavor to Jet Ski long distance routes. No small task. A true embodiment of who he is and his strength, courage, love for life and love of family.


Mr. Antonio Koludrovic – Captain, M/Y Katina

Cap. Antonio spent his childhood by the sea, learning about sailing from the old sea masters in his town of Dalmatia. His family has been transporting wine by boat from Dalmatia to Italy for many years and in 1958 they began offering cruises on their two cruise ships along the Adriatic coast. He graduated from the Technical and Maritime School and began working on ferries, offshore supply vessels and cargo ships. After gathering valuable experience, he was promoted to Captain on board large supply boats and later as Captain of the cruise ships owned by his family. For the past 17 years Antonio has been Captain on board super-yachts and he has also supervised the construction of several new-build vessels. He has extensive technical knowledge and is always calm and polite. He knows the Adriatic Sea like the back of his hand and he is very experienced with sailing in Italy, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey. Captain Koludrovic is looking forward to welcoming guests on board and he will ensure that they will experience the highest standards of service. Antonio is a Yacht Master instructor. Additionally, in his free time he enjoys open water diving and tending to his olive grove.


Mr. Josip Padjen – Captain, M/S Monet

The Master of M/S Monet, Capt. Josip Padjen was born in Gospic, Croatia. In 1991 he moved to Split and in 1997 he graduated from Split Maritime School. He has 20 years worldwide seagoing experience on different types of vessels. Cap. Padjen started his career on bulk carriers and continued roaming the world’s seas on container ships. In 2004, he moved on from merchant ships to work on passenger cruise ships. In that period from 2004 till 2011 he was working on the small deluxe cruisers the M/S Andrea and later moved on to the M/S Monet as second officer and later promoted to the first officer. Later that year, in 2011 he became Master on the M/Y La Perla. He held this post for two years. In 2016 he took the post as Master on the passenger ship M/S Serenissima. This is when he found his calling and moved back to the M/S Monet. He was actively involved in the Monet’s refurbishment and worked on board until she was completed 2017. He knows the ship, as the maritime world would say, “inside and out”. Captain Josip (Joe) is excellent navigational
expert and he speaks English fluently. He has a captivating smile, is very friendly and has an easy going personality. He is loved by both his crew as well as his passengers.


Mr. Josko Petric – Captain M/S Picasso

It was only expected that Capt. Petric, Master of the M/S Picasso would become a seaman. He was raised in a family of seamen and followed in his father's and grandfather's footsteps. He graduated from the Merchant Maritime School and also got university degree from the Maritime Traffic Engineer Academy establishing his double major. He started his career over thirty years ago back in 1978 at a well-known Croatian maritime company called “Jadroplov”. This is one of the largest, oldest and well respected maritime companies in South Europe. He was holding various posts and working on passenger ferries, offshore supply vessels and cargo ships before becoming the Port Captain in the city of Split, Croatia. His exceptional experience brought him the opportunity to be a Captain on a container vessel. Josko’s love of the sea and people propelled him to pursue work on passenger ships and is now our proud Captain of the M/S Picasso. He is a well admired and respected by his peers. Josko (Joseph) loves taking care of his olive trees and vineyards and enjoys conversing about these personal loves.


Mr. Pero Brajovic – Captain M/Y Klara

Born on the island of Lapad near Dubrovnik, Master of the M/Y Klara, Capt. Pero Brajović, has enjoyed his childhood and grew up by the sea. His family members were and still are fishermen. Having said that, during his childhood he spent most of his time on boats where he fell in love with the sea. He began working on passenger ships after graduating from Maritime School. It was during this time he acquired the exceptional qualifications, experience and licenses to move up the ranks. He knows the Adriatic Sea like the back of his hand. Captain Pero (Peter) is responsible and reliable. He is on a constant mission to ensure the safety and security of guest passengers and the crew. He never compromises this mission. As captain, he knows how to do everything on a ship. He is an exceptional expert who specializes in wind sail equipment, including sonar and wind radar. He understands and mastered the machinery and equipment that run his vessel. Aside from exploring new places and sites, Pero loves fishing and he is die hard soccer and movie fan.

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