A few pointers to make your cruise more enjoyable
A ship's size and not necessarily its cruise line is one of the most important factors you will need to weigh when choosing a cruise to suit your lifestyle and vacationing preferences.

Size is the biggest single factor in determining the number of passengers you will share the ship with, the amount of activities and amenities offered onboard, the overall ambience of the ship and the level of luxury available. Moreover, the size of a cruise ship can also have an effect on the price of its sailings and the average age of its passengers.

As a general rule, big ships have more features, more amenities and cost less to cruise on, while smaller ships tend to offer a cozier, more community like atmosphere but at a higher cost. Luxury and attentiveness is the goal on smaller ships. The lower cost and greater number of entertainment options attract many families to larger ships, while the premium price and relative simplicity of entertainment options on small ship luxury cruises often attract more mature affluent clientele.

One of the biggest cruising misconceptions is that ships are all-inclusive meccas and they are not. Mass-market cruisers will be assailed by a tsunami of extra charges – alcohol packages, soft drinks, photos, dry cleaning, excursions, internet, etc. and that could run over $150 per person per day. Nothing can spoil your vacation like a giant bar tab at the end of the cruise. On our Cruises the only extras are: (depending on cruise ship you choose) extra laundry service, massage service and telephone charges if you call home or abroad from the ship’s lines.

On our cruises general areas are non-smoking. However, we cannot control private area like balconies. Regretfully, we cannot warn you if you will be sharing your balcony airspace with a smoker next door. However, we will do everything we can to keep that at minimum.

Your cabin may be noisy. Cruise line cabins are relatively small spaces, opening the door to potential noise issues. If you are a light sleeper you can try to keep the noise at the minimum. Try to select a cabin that is not near stairwells, elevators or major destinations such as dining rooms and the spa.

Please keep in mind, the ship is not going to wait for you. Plane late on the day of embarkation? Lost track of time in the city? Sorry, your ship will cast off without you. The captain cannot delay other passengers to accommodate anyone who may be late onboard.

We have created our itineraries for you to enjoy and for you to see the most places, most sites in a limited amount of time and at the minimum cost possible. We hope we succeed in our efforts and we hope you will enjoy what we have prepared for you.
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