Terms and Conditions

By booking a cruise or a tour with DIV Cruises, Inc. or with its contractual agent partners, every passenger agrees and formally accepts DIV Cruises, Inc. Terms & Conditions as indicated below.

Prices are in US dollars and are per person based upon shared twin or double room occupancy. Prices do not include items of a personal nature such as laundry, food other than the table d’hotel menu, passport, visa fees, insurance, foreign port taxes and gratuities unless specifically indicated in the package inclusions.

Please contact your travel agent for assistance or call DIV Cruises, Inc. at +1-954-595-2120 or by email at booking@divcruises.com

Non-refundable deposit of $500 per cabin/room is due at the time of reservation.

Full payment is due 45 days prior to cruise or tour start.

If there is any outstanding balance by the final payment due date listed on your invoice, all travel services will be subject to automatic cancellation. A service reinstatement fee of $50 will be added to your invoice and must be paid in advance in order to apply for reconfirmation of services.

US dollars, personal or bank check, money order, wire transfer, major credit cards or debit cards by: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, Diners Club and JCB. Third-party credit cards are not acceptable. Payments made by wire transfer must include an additional $25 wire transfer fee. There is a $50 fee for returned or unfunded checks.


Cancellations will be accepted in written form only. Email your cancellation to booking@divcruises.com, and include your reservation number, full name, and date of travel. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours, call +1-954-595-2120 to ensure your cancellation was received. Cancellation terms and fees will be applied based on the date that the written cancellation is received and based on the following dates prior to departure.

Cancellation fees per person apply to packages and/or services as indicated below:
46+ days prior to commencement of service: Full deposit of $250 per person
45-31 days prior to departure: Cancellation fee is 50% of total package price
30-15 days prior to departure: Cancellation fee is 75% of total package price
14-0 days prior to departure: Cancellation fee is 100% of total package price

Refunds will be made according to the cancellation terms and policies indicated as above to either the travel agency with whom you made your booking or to you if the booking was made with DIV Cruises, Inc. directly. The refund will be applied either back to your credit card or sent by check to the address you have provided us with.

No refund will be made for unused services once travel arrangements have commenced.

In order to fully enjoy your DIV Cruises, Inc. cruise or tour, we recommend that you select a trip that is suitable to your physical capabilities. You and all other passengers traveling with you must be physically, emotionally, and otherwise fit to undertake the cruise or tour and have received all medical inoculations necessary. Tour participants requiring any form of assistance, including travelers with physical disabilities, and/or sight or hearing impairments, are required to notify DIV Cruises, Inc. prior to reservation for review and our agreement. Tour managers, guides, drivers, or other tour, hotel, or ship personnel are not able to provide assistance. In order to participate in package activities, passengers must be able to understand and follow instructions given by the Cruise or Tour Director at all times. All vessels and motor-coaches for European cruises are equipped to European standards. Most transportation services, including the vessels and motor-coaches, are not equipped with elevators or wheelchair ramps. DIV Cruises, Inc. reserves the right to reject participation or remove any individual from a cruise or tour in the event that notification was not provided and/or when, in our sole judgment, continued participation would significantly hinder the services to be provided to all guests. Expenses, including cancellation fees and/or costs for alternate travel plans or to return home, will necessarily be borne by the passenger. City sightseeing tours are fast-paced, often requiring lengthy walks over uneven terrain. In the interests of group harmony, clients should be able to maintain the pace of the tour. Clients with special needs may be better served independently.

In the event of an airline schedule change, each passenger is required to inform their local travel agent with whom the cruise or tour was booked, or if booked directly with DIV Cruises, Inc., inform DIV Cruises, Inc. as soon as the change is made.


DIV Cruises, Inc. cabin assignments are completed at the time of embarkation in a general cabin category on a run-of-ship basis. DIV Cruises, Inc. cannot guarantee a specific assignment. Where applicable, requests for dining room seating will be accepted by the maître d'hotel on sailing day. DIV Cruises, Inc. will accept requests for dining time preference, but cannot guarantee confirmation prior to embarkation.

As specified in each itinerary. Meals are based on the hotel’s or restaurant’s buffet or set menu. Beverages are included, as specifically stated in itinerary. If you suffer from any form of allergy, you are obligated to notify us in writing prior to your cruise or tour. Any special meal requirements will be made on a REQUEST basis only. DIV Cruises, Inc. cannot guarantee special meal requests nor will it assume any responsibility or liability if passengers’ special meal requests are not fulfilled.

Airport transfers are not provided in package prices, but they can be obtained at an additional cost. In case of extreme weather or flight delay, it is each passenger’s responsibility to notify the crew and to transfer him or herself to the next port of call in order to continue the cruise.

DIV Cruises, Inc. tours have been designed to accommodate individuals as well as groups. It is your responsibility to arrive on time for all scheduled city tours, cruises, and package components. Arriving late may be considered a “no-show,” in which case you will not be eligible for refund for the unused service(s). On some tour dates, including but not limited to religious holidays and national celebrations, some monuments and sites may be closed. On these occasions, touring itineraries may be amended to reflect these closures. Therefore, we reserve the right to adjust the sequence of sites and/or substitute with any others of similar category.

A selection of optional sightseeing tours are available for purchase at any time until one week prior to departure or on board. Those associated with guided programs will be available for purchase locally based upon availability. Some optional tours require a minimum number of participants and may not be operated; in such cases, the tour company will attempt to notify you locally, and you will receive a full refund upon your return home. Occasionally optional tours may be conducted in more than one language. Optional tours are subject to standard cancellation terms including being fully non-refundable once a trip has commenced.

To ensure the desired group synergy, DIV Cruises, Inc. reserves the right to accept, reject, or expel any individual who is deemed disruptive or incompatible with the interests of the group, including, but not limited to, individuals who are intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs leading to a negative experience for the remainder of the group. Expenses, including cancellation fees and/or costs for alternate travel plans or to return home, will necessarily be borne by the passenger. All unused services are non-refundable.

Cruise itineraries and ships are subject to change without notice. Furthermore, cruise ships may be chartered and/or departure dates canceled, in which case all monies will be refunded. DIV Cruises, Inc. takes no responsibility for ship substitutions or itinerary changes imposed by a cruise line or the crew, and is not responsible for any losses you may incur including the issuance and/or cancellation of airline tickets or visa fees.

DIV Cruises, Inc. vessels do not carry a doctor or nurse on board. Should medical attention be required, local services will be contacted. Resulting charges will be the responsibility of the passenger. DIV Cruises, Inc. and the ship crew or the cruise ship operator are not responsible for the services provided. Individuals with chronic illness, physical handicap, advanced pregnancy, or mental illness should not participate in these rigorous travel programs. Any person who arrives to the destination ill with apparent fever or becomes ill during the cruise/tour, will be removed from the cruise/tour and directed to a local medical facility for diagnosis. Only upon clearance by an accredited medical facility will that individual be allowed to resume cruise/tour travel. All costs associated with medical treatment and related expenses such as additional hotel nights or transportation not included in the original itinerary, will necessarily be borne by the passenger.

We provide free of charge baggage handing for one bag per person in and out. Bags are limited to a total dimension of 62 inches by adding length + width + height (example: 26”+26”+10” = 62”), and a maximum weight of 50 lbs (23kg). If your luggage is lost or damaged by the airlines, a baggage claim form must be filed with the carrier before leaving the airport. We recommend that you use brightly colored luggage tags, straps, or other identifiers to help you locate your luggage upon arrival or to describe it in the event that it is lost.

It is customary to give cruise and tour gratuities, subject to your satisfaction of services rendered. Gratuities on board and on land are not included in your package price. Individuals who book our DIV Cruise or tour package will receive detailed travel instructions prior to cruise/tour start and that will include tip/gratuity recommendations.

DIV Cruises, Inc. has used reasonable efforts in collecting, preparing, and providing quality information and material, but does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy, or currency of the information contained in or linked to this website/brochure or any other Company website. Users of information from this website/brochure or any other Company website or links do so at their own risk. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of any Company website. DIV Cruises, Inc. is not responsible for pricing, typographical, or other errors and reserves the right to cancel without liability any bookings made at erroneous rates. While the Company may make changes to the information in any Company website or to any Company service or product at any time without notice, the Company makes no commitment to update the information on a Company website. The materials in the DIV Cruises, Inc. website are provided “as is.”

DIV Cruises, Inc., its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, and affiliates, does not own or operate any entity which provides goods or services for your trip, including, for example, ownership or control over hotels or other lodging facilities; airline, vessel, bus, van, or other transportation companies; local ground operators; providers or organizers of optional excursions or equipment used thereon; food service or entertainment providers; etc. All such persons and entities are independent contractors. As a result, DIV Cruises, Inc. is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such person or entity, or of any other third party. Without limitation, DIV Cruises, Inc. is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property, death, delay or inconvenience in connection with the provision of any goods or services occasioned by or resulting from, but not limited to, acts of God, acts of government, force majeure, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, or the threat thereof, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, structural or other defective conditions of the ship or in hotels or any other lodging facilities, mechanical or other failure of airplanes or other means of transportation, or for any failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart timely or safely, dangers of any sort, dangers incident to recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, sailing, canoeing, rafting, hiking, walking, bicycling, etc., sanitation problems, food poisoning, lack of access to or quality of medical care, difficulty in evacuation in case of a medical or other emergency, illness, epidemics or the threat thereof, or for any other cause beyond the direct control of DIV Cruises, Inc. In addition, by booking services you understand, accept, and release DIV Cruises, Inc. and its partners from its own negligence and assume all risk thereof.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, you hereby release and waive all claims against DIV Cruises, Inc. and its principals, directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability for claims, damages (actual and consequential), costs, and expenses (including litigation costs and attorneys’ fees) of every kind and nature, arising out of or in any way connected with use of this website/brochure.


You acknowledge that you have voluntarily applied to participate in the trip designated on your application (or a trip which you may change to) and that you have read the description of the trip as it appears in the current DIV Cruises, Inc. catalog and supplements or brochures or website relating to the trip, together with all information contained in this application. You are voluntarily participating in this trip with knowledge of the hazards involved.

You acknowledge that you have carefully read these Terms and Conditions and the booking information sections of this document, and fully understand its contents. You are aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between yourself and DIV Cruises, Inc. and agree of your own free will.

DIV Cruises, Inc. may take photographs or video of its trips and trip participants. Trip participants grant DIV Cruises, Inc. permission to do so and for it to use same for promotional or commercial use without payment of any compensation to the participant(s).

DIV Cruises, Inc. appreciates your trust and is committed to protecting your privacy. We use SSL encryption to protect your sensitive information online. This privacy policy is designed to inform you of what information we collect, why we collect such information, and how we use the information we collect. By using this website, you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy.

Generally, information will be collected when you book a reservation, participate in a survey, ask us a question, subscribe to our newsletter, or initiate a purchase on our website. DIV Cruises, Inc. will not sell, share, trade, or rent your information to or with others, unless you have granted us permission to do so.

While no website can guarantee 100% security, we are dedicated to protect your personal information. We have security measures in place under our company’s control to protect your personal information against loss, misuse, or alteration

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